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Money from honey in Mbale, Uganda

People living near Mount Elgon in Uganda suffer from chronic poverty and environmental problems such as soil erosion, landslides and forest loss. We are working with the Mbale Coalition Against Poverty (Mbale CAP) to change the way land is managed, through beekeeping.

We are helping to train farmers to make their own low-cost beehives and set up profitable homestead apiaries which can be integrated into forest plots. The Mount Elgon region experiences high poverty and households need additional income to meet families' needs. Beekeeping is environmentally friendly and can be fully integrated into farmers' existing small plots of banana, coffee and fruit tree crops - and can reduce the need to clear more land for farming, thus reducing soil erosion.

To respond to the demand for beekeeping support we are working with Community-Based Beekeeper Trainers – helping them help others.

We thank Charles Hayward Foundation, Hub Cymru Africa and Welsh Government for supporting this project.


New beekeepers at SALEM, Mbale undergo training

Farmer to farmer exchange visit to Bukalasi


The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation

We recognise that to bring about lasting progress in the honey and beekeeping sector we need to build national beekeeping institutions to take the lead in delivering change. This is why we have supported The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation [TUNADO] for nearly ten years. We have provided guidance for the Board of Directors on governance, advice about the membership structure of the organisation, how to become financially self-sustaining and the need to deliver appropriate and timely services to members based on their needs. The Director of TUNADO, Dickson Biryomumaisho was awarded a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Award in 2015 and was hosted for 12 weeks by Bees for Development on a programme of professional development. This opportunity gave Dickson work experience and exposure to better enable him to build the beekeeping sector in Uganda.

Markets, not hand-outs - The Uganda Honey Trade Project

The Uganda Honey Trade Project was delivered on the understanding that that the 'pull' of an accessible and good market for honey has a greater impact on beekeeping development than giving beehives to 'push' production. This Project was completed in 2014. For four years we worked with partners to build honey trade in Uganda, enabling hundreds of poor households to increase their incomes. Families succeeded in securing resilient and sustainable livelihoods through beekeeping. 

The Project supported an existing beekeeper-owned group called Kamwenge Beekeepers Cooperative Society (KABECOS). This community-based social enterprise provides a fair and reliable route to market for beekeepers in Kamwenge, in south-west Uganda. One of the most important achievements was helping KABECOS achieve financial sustainability as a honey marketing group based in the community - with the result that it is reliably able to continue to provide good market access for local beekeepers.


Articles about Uganda Honey Trade

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