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Sustainable beekeeping for resilient livelihoods

Making a difference worldwide

Helping vulnerable families start beekeeping

We are working in two districts - Bahir Dar Zuria and Dera - helping new beekeepers get started. This programme is targeted at the most vulnerable families, those with limited assets and land - and no employment. In collaboration with local government offices, Bees for Development Ethiopia identifies families who are most in need of an additional source of income. 

We provide the new beekeepers with a bee colony and train them in all aspects of beekeeping - from hive-making to honey selling. In a unique farmer-to-farmer learning model we link new beekeepers with more experienced beekeepers in their community. This means new beekeepers can access advice near to hand on a regular basis - for example, if their bees swarm they can ask their mentors for advice. 

This Project is funded by UK's Department for International Development, through UK Aid Direct.


I am Endalamaw Minale from Emashenkoro and I am 36 years old. At one time my life was more miserable than you could imagine, once up on a time I was working in a wealthy family as child labourer with a monthly salary of 2.50 birr which is only 30 birr per annum, and I served my lord for about 10 years. I was always dreaming about altering my life.

Last year I had the chance to participate in a project with Bees for Development. I took the training in beekeeping and was given a bee colony. I was taught how to make hives and increase one bee colony to more. Finally, I saw a window of hope. I was selected to take part in an exchange visit to see other beekeepers. This gave me further encouragement.

 In my first year, I harvested 10 kg from one colony. Now I have increased to seven. I was the person who used to earn 30 birr in one year, now I can get hundreds of birr from one colony. I see a future for myself and my family.



Endalamaw in his new apiary. He can earn £15 from the sale of honey from each colony. This income takes Endalamaw out of a life of chronic poverty - for himself and his family.

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