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Welcome to Bees for Development online store. You can browse our entire Store here.

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Beekeeping with children

"Respectful interaction with creatures, an insight into the complexity of the living world, and the idea that every individual, even children, can contribute to the protection of our precious environment


Bees for Development Bee House

The Bees for Development Bee House is a habitat box for honey bees. The Bee House provides the right sized cavity for an Apis mellifera honey bee colony to build its nest and live naturally.

from £95.00

Bees for Development Journal Subscription

Bees for Development Journal is our quarterly magazine with readers in over 130 countries. It is a valuable source of information about apiculture worldwide, providing unique news and views.


Bees for Development Trust Tamper-evident Labels for honey jars

Another excellent way to show your support for Bees for Development Trust

from £6.00

BfD Journal subscription renewal

Renew your subscription to Bees for Development Journal. Remember to let us know if any of your address details have changed.


Following the wild bees - the craft and science of bee hunting

Thomas D Seeley

Tom Seeley is one of very few scientists studying honey bee colonies as they live in the wild - he has been researching honey bees living in the Arnot forest for over 40 years.


Good Bee Gift Card - Bees for schools

This ethical gift will help poor school children in Ghana attend secondary school - with the help of bees. This donation to Bees for Development will support our 'Bees for schools' project in Ghana.

from £10.00

Good Bee Gift Card - Fruit and honey

This ethical gift will enable families in Ethiopia step out of poverty - with the help of bees. This donation to Bees for Development will support our 'Fruit and honey' project in Ethiopia.


Good Bee Gift Card - Protecting bees

This ethical gift helps protect our bees and to preserve biodiversity. Your donation to Bees for Development supports our campaign to protect and maintain habitat for bees.


Good Bee Gift Card - Skills for life

This ethical gift will help unemployed youngsters in Ethiopia learn a skill so they can make a living - through beekeeping. This donation to Bees for Development supports our 'Skills for life' project.


Good Bee Gift Card - Starting a bee business

This ethical gift will help poor farmers in Ghana increase their yields of cashew nuts, through better pollination by bees. This donation to Bees for Development will be used to support our 'Start a bee business' project in Ghana.


Skep making course 18 February 2017

Bees for Development

Learn how to weave a skep from long straw wheat with cane lapping. 



Out of stock

Sponsor a Resource Box

A Resource Box comprises a pack of training materials about beekeeping and honey and beeswax selling. You can Sponsor a Resource Box  - which we will then send directly to a beekeeping group in a developing country. We have many on the waiting list.


from £50.00

Sponsor a Subscription to Bees for Development Journal

The sponsored subscription is for one year (four editions) and is an excellent way to support beekeepers in developing countries.

from £26.00

Strengthening livelihoods - Bfd Training Day - 28 April 2017

Strengthening livelihoods in developing countries through beekeeping




Sustainable Beekeeping Weekend Course 22-23 April 2017

A new look at the relationship between humans and honey bees. This is a practical training course about keeping and caring for bees in a sustainable way.


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