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Meet our Patrons


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Bees for Development has six super Patrons who champion our work and support our fundraising events

Watch here: Why Bill Turnbull and Tom Seeley support Bees for Development


Bill Turnbull

Bill Turnbull stepped back from presenting BBC Breakfast in 2016, mentioning his desire “to spend more time beekeeping!” Although his exploits are recorded in The Bad Beekeeper’s Club, his passion for “learning by doing” and ability to inspire new beekeepers, make him an invaluable asset to the work of Bees for Development in the role of Patron. You can listen to Bill talking about our work.


 Listen to Bill's BBC Radio 4 Appeal from 2016


Martha Kearney

Martha Kearney began her career in political journalism in local and national radio and TV. Her BBC TV programme, The Wonder of Bees, brought beekeeping to widespread public attention with the ups and downs of beekeeping life. For many years Bees for Development has benefitted from her love of bees and passion for social issues in her role as Patron. 

Hear Martha's 2011 Radio 4 Appeal for Bees for Development 






Professor Tom Seeley

Tom Seeley is Professor of Biology at Cornell University in USA and is passionate about the value of beekeeping in reducing poverty. Tom is an eminent and prolific research scientist and writer on the natural behaviour and ecology of honey bees, and he has a great love of woodlands. His Patronage of Bees for Development presents an exciting link between his ground-breaking research and the everyday practice of beekeeping in African forests which informs Bees for Development's work


 Listen to Tom tell us why he supports Bees for Development



 Monty Don

Monty Don

Monty Don combines a love of gardening with the ability to inspire viewers of his popular TV programmes. Monty is a recent convert to beekeeping and installed a colony of bees in a top-bar hive at Longmeadow in 2016. With both gardening and beekeeping, Monty’s inclination is always to work in harmony with nature, making him a sympathetic and enthusiastic Patron of BfD.  








Anita Gale

Anita Gale has been a Labour Life Peer since 1999, and a Patron of Bees for Development since 2013.  Anita has consistently promoted womens’ rights and Welsh affairs, and we are delighted to enjoy her Patronage.






Sting (Gordon Sumner)

Sting has been a Patron of BfD since 2009. Providing a unique symbiosis of rock music, beekeeping and poverty reduction, we are delighted he is able to endorse the value of our work, given his concern for the protection of the Amazon and other rainforests.


We understand that Sting gained his nickname after his habit of wearing a black and yellow sweater with hooped stripes with the Phoenix Jazzmen. Bandleader Gordon Solomon thought he looked like a bee, which prompted the name "Sting"





Team - Patrons - Trustees - Ambassadors and Advisers - Volunteers and Tutors


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